Our Stud Values

A disciplined, data-driven approach, good stock management and strong relationships are the mainstays of what we do.

From small beginnings, we have built a stud that consistently produces bulls with proven traits, and we are committed to upholding the quality of our stud animals. We are highly disciplined in our selection of sires to use over our own cows, and in the selection of bulls we offer up for sale.

We are rigorous in our research and testing to make educated selections according to our breeding objectives. We always try to learn about where bulls have come from and what the stud management and values are. We target studs with a 4.5-5-star Completeness of Performance Recording rating, good calving ease and low birthweights.

It is important to us that we operate our stud with honesty and integrity, and build trusting relationships with our stock agents and clients. Our goal is to breed yearling bulls that will move forward and fit the needs of our customers. We try to visit farmers and get an understanding of their management and goals. We offer clients support with NAIT, EBVs and structural soundness. We also ask for feedback and continually strive to improve the quality of our bulls each year.

Breeding cattle with good temperaments is important to us because quiet cattle are much easier and safer to work with. We also know that stock-skills play an important part in behaviour. We work carefully with the animals so as not to cause stress, and teach our kids where to stand and how to move cattle.


Our Breeding Objectives

We are committed to breeding structurally sound, efficient, fertile Angus cattle and delivering better outcomes for our clients.

We are always working to balance our EBVs to develop a herd that meets our targets of ease of calving, efficient growth and good carcass. Low birthweights and calving ease are crucial. When you’re flat out in spring, we want to decrease the time spent assisting with heifers calving and make it a more pleasant, less stressful experience for you. We aim to breed bulls that produce fertile, efficient breeding cows.

Good temperament is also something we work to achieve with our stock. New sires can introduce unwanted temperaments so selective culling is important. Working with quiet cattle is easier and safer for everyone. Research has shown that quieter cattle have better eating quality too.


Pedigree and Performance Recording

At Rockley Angus we know our cattle and can offer assurance to buyers that they are getting the right bull for their breeding programme.

There is nothing worse than buying a bull who has the figures and look you want, only for those figures to change drastically once he has progeny on the ground. We are rigorous in the research and testing we carry out so that we get the right bulls for us and produce quality bulls for the market.

We record as many traits as possible over all our stud animals and have a 5-star Completeness of Performance Recording rating. Our cows are temperament scored when we weigh and tag them at birth. Heifers are independently structurally assessed, including further temperament scoring, at 18 months. Replacement heifers are selected on fertility, structure, and temperament.

Since 2016 all calves born at Rockley Angus have been parent-verified and HD50k tested. This genomic information is blended with the individual animal’s EBVs to enhance their accuracy and help you make a more informed decision on what you’re buying.